WastED Pop-UP at Blue Hill

By dominiqueansel on Friday, March, 6th 2015 in News

Chef Dominique has partnered with Dan Barber and a team of culinary all-stars for a Pop-Up at Blue Hill in Greenwich Village Together they are studying the question of what to do with the usually wasted scraps and portions of ingredients. The New York Times covers the details and line up of chefs here.

Quirky Talks Reinvention Through Pastry

By dominiqueansel on Wednesday, February, 25th 2015 in News

How do you reinvent the world through pastry. Our friends @Quirky peek behind the of Chef Dominique’s morning and how he can tell when he’s got a hit.  

The 20 Most Instagrammed Dishes in NYC

By dominiqueansel on Thursday, February, 12th 2015 in News

First We Feast takes a stab at analyzing the “20 Most Instagrammed Dishes in NYC”! Well, whaddya know, Cronut® — you made the top!

Chef Dominique Celebrates International Pancake Tuesday with Nutella

By dominiqueansel on Wednesday, February, 11th 2015 in News

Mark  your calendars for Tuesday, February 17th for International Pancake Tuesday, when Chef Dominique Ansel teams up with Nutella to give thousands of daily commuters in Grand Central Terminal a little bit of a pick me up. Starting from 11am, they’ll be handing out free miniature Nutella Pancake Cones (2 per person). Soft tender pancake …

The #CronutIsForever Set with Virgin Mega Launches

By dominiqueansel on Monday, February, 9th 2015 in News

This Valentine’s Day, we’re partnering with Virgin Mega for an extra special Cronut®offer. The #CronutIsForever set comes with two his and her February Cronut® pastries and a hand-crafted Cronut® capsule necklace with a gold-covered Cronut® flake! An exclusive 50 sets will be hand delivered in  NYC and another 50 will be over-nighted within the continental …

Jacques Torres Shares His Valentine’s Picks

By dominiqueansel on Tuesday, February, 3rd 2015 in News

Gotham Magazine asked chocolate maestro Jacques Torres about his top Valentine’s Day Picks, which included Chef Dominique’s miniature bag of chocolate croissant bon bons! Click here for the rest of the list.

The Most Instagrammed Restaurants in the World

By dominiqueansel on Wednesday, January, 28th 2015 in News

CNBC names the Top 12 “Most Instagrammed Restaurants in the World” and we’re excited to be one of them. Click here for the full list.

TIME 2014 "Objects that Moved the News"

By dominiqueansel on Wednesday, December, 17th 2014 in News

Chef Dominique Ansel’s cookie shot makes the list of TIME Magazine’s “Inanimate Objects that Moved the News in 2014” along with some other things we remember such as the Apple phone, Obama’s tan suit, U2’s free album, emoticons, and the Lego movie.

The Cronut® on Castle

By dominiqueansel on Tuesday, December, 16th 2014 in News

A little cameo of the Cronut® on this season’s Castle! Watch the episode where the bakery comes in handy with evidence to solve a case.

NY Post Features This Seasons Sweet Treats

By dominiqueansel on Monday, December, 15th 2014 in News

“I think the best types of food gifts are ones that inspire you to either cook something or eat something immediately,” says Chef Dominique Ansel. “My biggest pet peeve is holiday hampers that just sit on the shelves for weeks until the new year.” Here’s what he has in store for holiday gifts along with …