Chef Dominique Visits Facebook and Magic Happens!

10th November 2014

From printing posters using actual dark chocolate (think: lick-able wallpaper in Willy Wonka) to doing a 5-minute “culinary hack” using whatever ingredient he could find in the office pantry, Chef Dominique shakes up the Facebook campus on his book tour for Dominique Ansel: the Secret Recipes. Check it out here.

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WSJ Follows Chef Dominique For One Day

Starting from his first cup of coffee to him jetting off on a flight to London, Wall Street Journal reporter Christopher Ross shows you a day in the workaholic life of Chef Dominique and how he makes the most of every minute. For the full article, click here.

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MasterChef Jr Winner Alexander Weiss Aces the At-Home Cronut®

3rd November 2014

While Chef Ansel’s cookbook contains beginner recipes easily replicated by the home cook, the At-Home Cronut® pastry recipe is one of the most challenging. It has already been simplified compared to the proprietary recipe Chef Ansel’s uses in his bakery kitchen, but it does require the same amount of time: more than three days of …

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