The Toronto Star Bakes with Chef Dominique and His New Book

Toronto Star reporter Jennifer Bain calls Chef Dominique the “prince of sweetness” and makes hot cocoa and chocolate cookies with him on his recent trip to the Delicious Food Show. Here, she recounts how he delights over creamy milk to the first folks in Canada to get a taste of the Cronut®.    

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Food52 Lists Chef Dominique’s 10 Must-Have Tools

23rd October 2014

“[W]hen it comes to baking, you need to buy a lot of toys,” says Chef Dominique. “A dash of this and a pinch of that sounds romantic, but it’s a pastry chef’s nightmare. Real baking relies on precise science and an investment in a few tools that will dramatically improve the quality of your work. The …

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Le Figaro Announces Chef Dominique’s Cookbook

From stories of celebrities in line to the viral internet buzz, Le Figaro recounts the story of Chef Dominique and the Cronut® while announcing the Secret Recipes cookbook, which will launch October 28th! For more, read here.

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Food Network Shares Chef Dominique’s Chocolate Cookie Recipe

22nd October 2014

Food Network dishes on their first look at Chef Dominique’s first cookbook, The Secret Recipes.  “Ansel’s tour through his approach to pastry is fascinating. The insight he lends to his inspirations and process for developing new, innovative desserts is enthralling,” writes Mallory Viscardi. For more about the book and a look at the chocolate pecan …

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Serious Eats Highlights the 25-Layer Tart Tatin

14th October 2014

With the Fall officially hear and the peak of apple harvest season, Serious Eats aptly talks about the Tarte Tatin and it’s golden comeback into New York restaurants. Chef Dominique’s 25-layer Tarte Tatin makes it to the list of the top with is tender salted butter cookie and layer after layer of caramelization (the apples …

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GMA’s Exclusive First Reveal of the At-Home Cronut® Recipe

6th October 2014

Good Morning America announces that Chef Dominique has revealed his At-Home Cronut® recipe from his soon-to-be-released book, DOMINIQUE ANSEL: The Secret Recipes (out on October 28th). The recipe took the chef more than 4 months to create using ingredients and techniques that are better suited for a home kitchen. See the first taste tests and …

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Do Something Nice Day!

To celebrate national “Do Something Nice Day” on October 5th, we decided to give our guests the luxury line treatment. Thanks to Bailey’s and the delicious inspiration behind the Chocolate Cherry Cookie Shot, we served our line with lobster treats, free gifts from Dream Dry, Flywheel, and Blue Apron, to an acapella performance. The best …

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