Chef Dominique on Wend Williams

28th April 2014

The crowds when wild today as Chef Dominique served Wendy Williams a delectable four course dessert-only breakfast, that included the unveiling of his latest creation: the Waffogato.  

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World, meet the Waffogato

In honor of Taste of the Nation, which is an event to support Share Our Strength and fight child hunger, Chef Dominique created the Waffogato. Made with a vanilla ice cream that has bits of Belgium waffle folded within, a touch of sea salt, and topped with warm maple syrup spiked espresso, the Waffogato is …

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Chef Dominique &The Cronut® Wins the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award

25th April 2014

The best innovation often disrupts the world in order to give it its “Sputnik” moment. This year, we’re honored that Chef Dominique and the Cronut® shared the honor with such memorable role models and cultural shifting companies as David Fosbury (who pioneered the backwards high jump technique), Shutterstock, Kickstarter, Levi’s, Sesame Street, and Pope Francis.

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8 Cookie Shots Raise $6.5K for City Harvest

We love Chef Dominique’s dedication to doing good with the power of pastries. Last night at the City Harvest Gala, 8 cookie shots (along with a personal toast with Chef Dominique) raised $6.5K. It only takes 27 cents to bring a nutritious meal to someone in need here in New York.

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