Cookie Shots w/ Milk


Cookie Shots w/ Milk

Our Cookie Shot is a moist, soft chocolate chip cookie shaped as a shot glass. At the Bakery, we serve Cookie Shots with our delicious cold Vanilla Milk. Take home your gift set of 6 Cookie Shots and bottle of Vanilla Milk made with Tahitian vanilla beans and fresh local milk.

If you are enjoying a Cookie Shot with our Vanilla Milk or your own milk at home, please do eat it quickly! While we have a special coating inside that prevents the milk from leaking, as it sits longer, the milk may begin to leak!

Storage Information: Cookie Shots are baked fresh daily so we recommend you eat them on the same day that you've picked them up from the Bakery.

**We have a special  way to heat our Cookie Shots that maintains its structure. Please don’t re-heat them as they’ll melt in a microwave or oven.**


Please note: When purchasing more than 2 Gift Sets, please give our shop a call to confirm your order at (212)219-2773.



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